Mark Tipton

Resident Shooting Pro

  • Eleven-year NSCA Master Class Sporting Clays Shooter
  • Three-time NSCA All-American
  • Ranked 20th top shooter nationally for 2013 by NSCA (Open Division)
  • Finished 24th top shooter in 2013 Kreighoff Cup Points Race
  • Two-time All-Texas Team
  • 100,000+ lifetime NSCA registered targets

“Nothing breaks a target better than your confidence, and nothing builds confidence like watching your last target disappear into vapor…”

Teaching PhilosophyPawnee Sporting Clays

In a sport known for congeniality, Mark Tipton is a quintessentially “laid-back” coach. Whether you’re a rank beginner or experienced shooter, Mark will teach you the five steps he has used to become classed among the nation’s elite shooters:

  1. Ready yourself: This encompasses the physical—from gun fit through foot position, posture, choke selection and gun mount—to the mental; right down to developing and following your personal pre-call “ritual.”
  2. Study the target and its arc: Before you say “pull,” decide your hold point, where you will pick up the target, and where you will break the target. Then when you call…
  3. See the target: See it quickly and focus on it “like your life depends on it.”
  4. Know your lead method: Different instructors teach different methods, for example: “Swing through,” “Maintained lead” or “Pull away.” There is no end to spirited discussions of the merits and limitations of each. The fact is, what’s best for one shooter will not be best for all, and what best fits one situation will not be best in all.
  5. Break the target: Once you have learned the basics, successful shooting is 80% mental. Nothing breaks a target better than your confidence, and nothing builds confidence like watching your last target disappear into vapor right in the center of your pattern.
Pawnee Sporting ClaysPawnee Sporting ClaysPawnee Sporting Clays

Private Lessons

What You’ll Need

Pawnee Sporting ClaysA 12 or 20-gauge shotgun in good condition and safe working order. Doubles or autos with replaceable chokes are preferable as they eliminate the distraction of having to operate a slide action. Single-shot guns and “tactical” autos or pumps are unacceptable. For beginners with no access to a suitable shotgun, rentals are available with advanced notice.

What to Expect

Pawnee Sporting ClaysPawnee Sporting ClaysStudents can expect to fire 100-250 rounds over a two-hour lesson. Two-student courses are optimal as they reduce the cost per student without significantly reducing personal attention and coaching available to either student. This is especially true during hotter months, as each student can rest, watch and listen for short periods. For beginning sporting clays shooters, Mark also covers proper safety and etiquette on the shooting course.


Pawnee allows only environmentally-friendly steel shot. Each student should bring at least ten 25-round boxes (250 rounds) of commercial, steel-shot target ammunition, in the gauge of the shooter’s gun, and in shot size no larger than number 7. This ammo is available locally in many sporting goods stores. Steel-shot ammo can also be included in the lesson package as outlined below. Reloaded ammo is prohibited for safety reasons.


One Student: $125 per hour
Two Students: $75/hour/student
Workshops up to Six: Call for quote
Additional Cost per 100 Targets Thrown:
     Option A (ammo included in package): $80
     Option B (shooter provides steel-shot ammo): $40
(Each lesson minimum two hours. Weekday bookings preferred.)

Safety Equipment

Students will be required to use eye and ear protection on the course at all times. Pawnee ear buds will be provided. Eye protection can be found at local sporting goods stores.

Release of Liability

Students must sign the Pawnee Release, Waiver of Liability & Indemnity Agreement before shooting classes or private instruction.

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